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Arbitrum One is a L2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution for Arbitrum. Arbitrum is powered by the ARB cryptocurrency.The average block processing time is approximately 0.3 seconds.

Arbitrum One is a Layer-2 (L2) Optimistic Rollup scaling solution for Arbitrum that is built with Nitro technology. ARB is the cryptocurrency that powers Arbitrum One. The average Arbitrum One block processing time is ~0.3 seconds.

Networks Supported

We support Arbitrum One mainnet.

Global RPC Nodes

Deploy a RPC node in seconds with our Global RPC network starting at $0 per month. 

Enterprise Nodes

Deploy dedicated nodes in specific data center locations from 8-256 CPUs & up to 2TB RAM.  

Nodes, API’s & High Performance Arbitrum Infrastructure

Globally Available Arbitrum Nodes

Nirvana Cloud has 35+ data centers globally, offering proximate, fast, and geo-balanced Arbitrum nodes. This makes us the ideal solution for any application looking to scale globally.

Nirvana Cloud

A cloud that is optimized entirely from bare metal all the way to CDN for blockchain infrastructure.

Coming Soon! Deploy, manage, maintain your own Arbitrum node.

Reliable Arbitrum Nodes

Nirvana Cloud provides 99.99% uptime across all Arbitrum nodes. We ensure your blockchain infrastructure operates at maximum efficiency and uptime.

More reasons to choose Nirvana Labs

Lightning Fast Arbitrum Nodes
Nirvana Cloud's architecture provides industry leading low latency transactions that are over 10x faster than legacy RPC node providers. Leading to the best performance and user experience.
Advanced Analytics
Measure KPIs like latency, request rate, response size, block height and request logs.
Nirvana Cloud
Nirvana Cloud is a blockchain optimized cloud that was built from the ground up on bare metal. We have optimized our technology for Web3 all the way from server hardware to CDN. Coming Soon! Deploy, manage, maintain your own Arbitrum node.
Dedicated Support
Nirvana Labs offers first rate support for the most demanding customers. With 24/7 365 support available, we allow you to focus all your efforts into building your business, not worrying about your infrastructure.
Robust Security
Ensuring our infrastructure and nodes are secure is our top priority. By using the highest rated security platforms we protect your nodes from malicious actors.
An intuitive dashboard image on an Arbitrum infrastructure page, illustrating options for deploying and managing Arbitrum Nodes and Dedicated Arbitrum Nodes. The user-friendly interface emphasizes the ease of Arbitrum Infrastructure setup, featuring metrics related to Blockchain Infrastructure, Arbitrum servers, and Arbitrum RPC nodes. It showcases the power of Arbitrum server in contemporary blockchain solutions, offering a detailed perspective on deploying Arbitrum Nodes and managing Arbitrum RPC.

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