Nirvana Cloud

Unrivaled performance at your optimal price

We designed Nirvana Cloud for infinite scalability and innovation–all at transparent, accessible pricing to power your work faster.

Nirvana Cloud

Supporting companies big and small


cost savings on average




data center locations

Capable of handling any workload

Scale with precision

Adjust compute, memory, and storage resources individually to create your optimized infrastructure setup.

Monitor your entire cloud ecosystem

Access virtual machine details such as performance metrics and utilization parameters to adjust, restart, or terminate VMs in a single click.

Leverage unbeatable pricing

Expand your workloads with fair and transparent pricing that unlocks the most performance per dollar with no hidden costs.


Simplify operational control


Build and scale to your needs

done Customization

Create VMs tailored to your specific requirements with ultimate flexibility, whether simple web applications or complex enterprise systems.

done Cost efficiency

Enjoy cost-effective, direct public internet access with public VMs that utilize our NAT gateway service ($0.035/hour).

Easily manage VMs

done Visibility

View all your VMs easily at once, making it easy to keep track of your resources and plan.

done Subnet range

Handle network planning wisely with displayed subnet ranges for each VM to help you avoid IP address conflicts.

done Security lists

Review the security lists associated with your VM anytime for simplified security management and peace of mind.


Destroy or delete VMs with our user-friendly interface, simplifying resource cleanup and reducing the risk of leaving unnecessary resources active.


Optimize your unique cloud


done Create custom VMs

Tailor VMs to your specific workload requirements, choosing your ideal combination of CPU, RAM, and storage for precise resource allocation and enhanced performance.

Currently, our VMs run on Ubuntu 22.04. Stay tuned for new operating systems soon.

done Scale VMs to meet demand

Restart, adjust, or terminate VMs of all sizes with a few clicks for simplified management and track storage volumes to prevent unexpected dependencies or potential bottlenecks.

done Make data-driven decisions

Access real-time metrics such as CPU, RAM, and storage utilization, as well as bandwidth ingress and egress, to monitor the health of your VMs–identifying potential issues, proactively optimizing resource usage, and fine-tuning performance.

Expand opportunities for the future

Scale with ease using storage capacities far above the industry standard, powering faster data access, reducing latency, and improving 24/7 application responsiveness.

* maximum theoretical speed


Supporting you from day one

We’re dedicated to helping companies harness the future of technology, ensuring quick resolution, proactive monitoring, and expert guidance whenever you need to keep your most complex projects running smoothly.

Discover your Nirvana

Nirvana Cloud is purpose built to tackle the distinct workload characteristics of blockchains, emphasizing low latency, high throughput, high availability, and customization capabilities, which are starkly different from conventional web2 general-purpose tasks.