Nirvana Nodes

Excel with the only blockchain optimized infrastructure for web3

Operate with full control and high performance using managed infrastructure services from our expert team of developers.

Nirvana Cloud

Designed to Scale

Enjoy ultimate speed

Harness the power of RPC nodes deployed on Nirvana Cloud, the fastest and most reliable bare metal cloud infrastructure, to handle anything.

Boost optimization

Increase your performance while bolstering reliability with 99.99% SLA uptimes.

Enhance real-time capabilities

Leverage 20 milliseconds latency for rapid feedback, faster data processing, enhanced user experience, and new growth.

RPC nodes for your specific workload


Flex Nodes

With dynamically allocated resources across our global network to handle varied or unpredictable workloads, efficiently utilizing resources and overall costs.


Dedicated nodes

Allocated only to you, preserving resources to tackle workloads that require consistent, predictable performance and data isolation.


Ultimate blockchain speed and performance


done Global data centers

We have data center locations on 5 continents, guaranteeing quick, reliable communication

done Purpose-built CDN

We ensure high availability for content delivery, dynamically distributing loads across our network for fluctuating traffic.

done Proprietary tech stack

We optimized our vertical stack in every way possible to run as fast as you need, no matter the workload.

done Guaranteed uptimes

We boast 99.99% uptime SLA, reducing unexpected operational impacts so you can continue growing without limits.


Capacity that expands on cue


done Multi-chain APIs

Reduce bottlenecks and maintain capabilities with distributed data and transaction processing across multiple diverse blockchains.

done Controlled access

Manage access to nodes at the user or team level to allocate resources efficiently and keep your sensitive data protected while handling larger user bases.

doneUnlimited global availability

Ensure continuous service availability during regional outages and hardware failures, promoting access without performance degradation or limitations.

done Customization for dedicated nodes

Tailor resource allocations with nodes isolated to you, preventing resource contention and guaranteeing stable, high performance as workloads change.


Transparent, accessible pricing

Our services average over 30% cheaper than industry leaders, especially for those who need large computation, memory, and storage.



Robust security

Protect your data via 2FA, API keys, and firewall options that safeguard sensitive information without compromising uptime.

Managed for optimal results

We’re committed to helping our clients reach the next level, providing white-glove support and top-performing nodes backed by Nirvana Cloud for full-circle web3 management.

  • Automatic updates

  • Dedicated account managers and support engineers

  • In-depth diagnostics support

  • Handled maintenance and upgrades

Additional Features

checkAccess recent blockchain data or historical data

checkWebsocket or HTTP requests

"Nirvana's co-located nodes gave us unprecedented latency for expensive trace calls, allowing us to ship our subgraph offering that indexes on average 5x faster than our competitors. Our latency for eth_calls dropped from an average of over 15ms to under 5ms, which resulted in speeding up our subgraphs by 3x."

Jeff Ling

CTO, Goldsky

Discover your Nirvana

Nirvana Cloud is purpose built to tackle the distinct workload characteristics of blockchains, emphasizing low latency, high throughput, high availability, and customization capabilities, which are starkly different from conventional web2 general-purpose tasks.