Nirvana Nodes / Flex Nodes

Flex nodes

Allocate resources dynamically and scale automatically with RPC nodes distributed globally for quick, efficient deployment.

Nirvana Cloud

The Nirvana Node Difference

Accelerate your performance

10x faster transactions

Our cloud is optimized entirely from bare metal–all the way to CDN for blockchain infrastructure–outperforming legacy RPC nodes 10:1 with 20 milliseconds latency.

Advanced, real-time analytics

Our streamlined dashboard displays the KPIs that matter most to you, such as latency, request rate, response size, block height, and request logs.

Configured to your specifications

We provide 99.99% uptime SLA across all dedicated RPC nodes, customizing them to meet your project’s unique requirements for maximum efficiency.

Robust security

We maintain the security of our infrastructure with 2FA, API keys, and firewall options to protect your nodes from outside forces.

Supporting you from day one

We’re dedicated to helping companies harness the future of technology, ensuring quick resolution, proactive monitoring, and expert guidance whenever you need to keep your most complex web3 and blockchain projects running smoothly.

"Nirvana's co-located nodes gave us unprecedented latency for expensive trace calls, allowing us to ship our subgraph offering that indexes on average 5x faster than our competitors. Our latency for eth_calls dropped from an average of over 15ms to under 5ms, which resulted in speeding up our subgraphs by 3x."

Jeff Ling

CTO, Goldsky

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