Create a Blockchain with Avalanche Subnets with Nirvana Labs

Devin Bandara

3 min read

Create a Blockchain with Avalanche Subnets with Nirvana Labs


Banner image featuring the Avalanche Network logo and Nirvana Labs logo, symbolizing the collaboration for subnet creation.


Avalanche Network, has recently launched the ability to create sub-networks (subnets) within the Avalanche network itself. Why is this so useful? Because creating your own high performant blockchain where you can have finer-grain control of the ecosystem is now easier than ever


What is a Subnet?


An image depicting the architecture of an Avalanche (Avax) subnet


Create a Subnet


Steps to Deployment


Step 1) Create a validator node

Step 2) Create a subnet

Step 3) Add more nodes to your subnet


Subnet Requirements


In this tutorial, we will be covering the basics of creating an Avalanche Subnet but there are a few basic assumptions and key requirements. In order to create a subnet you need two things:


2,000 AVAX (for MainNet) or 1 AVAX (for Fuji/TestNet)
A Dedicated Avalanche Validator Node
Enabling a Validator Node on Nirvana Labs is available to Enterprise users. Contact us to get pricing and setup a node today.


Nirvana Avalanche Enterprise Nodes


What’s so great about Nirvana Labs Avalanche nodes? Well for starters, they're FAST! We use over 33 datacenter regions around the world to bring our nodes closer to more people. Our average response latency time is 28ms. How are we so performant yet cost-efficient? Our infrastructure is purpose-built, cloud-agnostic, and energy renewable. Using a node provider allows you to focus on building your dApp and spend less time troubleshooting node issues.


Fast and cost-efficient
Energy renewable
Indexing and archive mode enabled


I Have My RPC Node.. Now What?


The Subnet command suite provides a collection of tools for developing and deploying Subnets.


To get started, use the avalanche subnet create <subnet-name>command wizard to walk through the configuration of your very first Subnet. Then, go ahead and deploy it with the avalanche subnet deploy command. You can use the rest of the commands to manage your subnet configurations.


Subnet EVM


Subnet-EVM is a configurable Ethereum virtual machine designed for Subnets. It supports airdrops, custom fee tokens, configurable gas parameters, and multiple stateful precompiles. To learn more, check out the github project.


You can use this newly created Subnet just like you use C-Chain and EVM tools. Only differences are chainID and RPC URL. For example you can follow this article to Deploy a Smart Contract on Your Subnet-EVM Using Remix and Metamask. Or you can deploy your contracts with hardhat quick start guide by changing url and chainId in the hardhat.config.ts.


For example: to connect Hardhat to the local network that deployed with the Avalanche-CLI, we would create a network setting in hardhat.config.ts that looks similar to this: