Nirvana Labs Secures Stellar Community Award

Devin Bandara

2 min read

Nirvana Labs is thrilled to announce it’s been awarded an Activation Award from the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) to deploy its proprietary web3 cloud infrastructure within the Stellar ecosystem.


The initiative’s aim is to provide high-performance nodes to projects building on Stellar’s new Soroban smart contract platform, and reduce the overall ecosystem’s reliance on large, legacy cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Provider (GCP).


With this initial award, Nirvana will build a public RPC endpoint on its proprietary web3 cloud, which will be provided to key infrastructure players in the Stellar ecosystem, for testing and further development. RPC nodes are core pieces of blockchain infrastructure, allowing developers and applications to query blockchain data, send transactions, and interact with smart contracts.


Nirvana is breaking new ground by offering cloud infrastructure that does not rely on large cloud providers such as AWS and GCP, or third-party service providers like Cloudflare, VMWare, and Openstack. Unlike these traditional providers, Nirvana designed and purpose-built its own proprietary cloud infrastructure, Nirvana Cloud, from the ground up to address the unique demands of blockchain applications. This approach aligns with the fundamental principles of web3, promoting infrastructure diversity and reducing the risks associated with reliance on large, centralized cloud services that dominate the market.


Nirvana Cloud is already powering foundational node infrastructure for major projects and chains that require high-transaction throughput and low latency, including Bearachain, Xai, Manta, and Avalanche.


This award from the SCF will enable Nirvana to further enhance Stellar’s RPC node infrastructure, including the roll out of a global network of geographically diverse RPC nodes, full archive Stellar nodes, and providing builders within the Stellar ecosystem with one-click node deployment on Nirvana Cloud.