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A bare-metal cloud built specifically for high performance dApps, indexers and protocols.

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Our cloud seamlessly powers blockchain nodes, big data analytics, gaming platforms, decentralized applications, and many more with our streamlined virtualization technology.

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High performance compute options that feature higher clock speeds and significantly lower RAM latency.

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State of the art NVMe disks directly attached to your virtual machine that reach a speed of 1,000,000 I/O operations per second.

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Take control of cloud workloads by easily organizing virtual private clouds and managing security lists

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How does Nirvana Cloud stack up?

We’ve leveraged years of research and development to deliver a cloud built with proprietary software and top-of-the-line hardware, giving you the highest performance at a fraction of the cost compared to industry standards.


Faster storage disk speeds

Nirvana storage volumes run at up to 1 million IOPS while other cloud providers max out at 256k IOPS.


Lower Compute Costs

Save between 30-50% utilizing our high performance compute shapes when compared to other cloud providers.


Lower Bandwidth Costs

Our global egress bandwidth costs are between 1.5-3 cents per gigabyte compared to the 8-15 cents other cloud providers charge.

Build with Confidence

The Web3 Native Cloud Platform

The performance of bare-metal with the scalability of a cloud.

Nirvana Cloud
Simplified Networking
Create virtual private clouds to segregate virtual machines and create cross-regional connections.
Lower Latency
The Nirvana bare-metal cloud utilizes minimal virtualization and hardware compartmentalization, resulting in lower latency between the vCPU, RAM, and storage components.
Transparent Pricing
Always know your costs before creating resources and easily forecast future costs with transparent and linear unit pricing in each zone.
Affordable Bandwidth
Only pay 1-3 cents per gb for egress bandwidth globally. Compared to 8-15 cents on other cloud providers.
Powerful Storage
Experience storage that is 3x faster and costs 100x less than traditional cloud VM storage volumes. Choose between performance-optimized NVMe and cost-optimized SSD volumes.
Simple Scaling
Easily adjust the amount of vCPU, RAM, and storage in any cloud VM to fit your workloads, eliminating the limitations of pre-sized machines.
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